Target Mystery

My wife went to Target yesterday and purchased some items, came home, unloaded them and put them away. Today she discovered that some items were missing. She checked her receipt and thought she must have left a bag at Target.

She went back to Target and they looked through their security camera footage. Note: never steal anything from Target, their cameras are everywhere.

The cameras showed that she collected all her bags, put them in her cart, took them to the car and loaded them in the trunk.

Except we have looked all over for the items and can’t find them. They have disappeared. Inexplicable.


Working on Fonts

I am not one to write about what i’m doing since I am not always sure exactly what I am doing. Artists are on a journey of discovery and experimentation so things change from day to day or even moment to moment.

I design typefaces or fonts. I just finished a type family, Dog Butter, an upright script face in five weights seen here: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/nobodoni/dog-butter-pro/.

Now I am working on an upgrade of a earlier typeface I designed, Isbellium which is a sans serif based on the Americana typeface designed by Dick Isbell. Since the advent of Opentype technology fonts may now contain a lot more characters than before I have added a lot of accented characters and alternates to the original font. The family consists of ten fonts, roman and italic, so this is a slow process because I have to go through each typeface and check that the accents, or diacritics, are correct and correctly placed.

It is also a tiresome process to space out the characters in a typeface even though you can use one weight as a model. You still have to double check the others. Hopefully Isbellium will be done soon, but since I am working on other projects as the same time soon may be awhile.

Yes, we have no magenta

Color is a property of light and light is really a range of wave lengths called the visible spectrum extending from 390 to 700 nm (nanometers) which is a small part of the larger electro-magnetic spectrum that includes radio, television, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, Gamma rays and X-rays. The color red is at the high wavelength of the visible spectrum and violet is at the bottom. However, since red and violet are at opposite ends of the spectrum there is no such color as magenta — or red-violet — even though we can see them. We can see magenta because it is a mix of wavelengths that our brain interprets as magenta. That means it is psychological, subjective and only exists in our minds.

This anomaly led Sir Isaac Newton to create the first color wheel linking red and violet to explain how the various magentas that we perceive exist. This was color theory was later revised by others such as Goethe, Moses Harris and J.M.W. Turner into the color wheel used by artists ever since. Goethe added the psychological aspect of perception into color theory adding perceptual color to  Newton’s optical color. It was Turner who insisted that optical color was different from perceptual color — the only way to explain why we can see colors that don’t exist optically.

This also applies to pink.